100 Adirondack summits including 40 bushwhacks in a single winter

After 6 months of research, preparation and training, Neil Luckhurst summitted each of the 100 Highest Adirondack peaks during a single winter season (2017-18), substituting Willmington Peak for Dun Brook Mountain. This project was the hardest thing he had ever done during his 40-years of hiking and exploring the outdoors. Over the three months of the project, Neil faced extreme cold, heavy snowfalls, freezing rain, flooding, and ice. In "Project-100" Neil intersperses some of the most noteworthy trail reports with highly detailed accounts of his preparations. The reader procures a close-up view of the organization, worries, and decision making processes throughout the project's execution.
Awe-inspiring photographs taken from unique viewpoints by the author and his companions bring the story to life.
"The slope was extremely steep; ascending it was excruciatingly difficult in the knee-deep snow. The summit bloc came into view and looked out of reach. The trees far above us swayed to and fro in the wind. The snow offered no purchase for our snowshoes. We swapped leads often to share the burden. I knew I could never do this alone."
"She was instantly rocketing down the mountain right before my eyes and when she hit a lip in the ice she was projected into the air, flipped over and flew out of sight into the woods below the trail."
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"Eight miles from the trailhead, I was crossing Skylight Brook on my way out from Allen Mountain when the ice caved in and I found myself on my side with freezing water gushing over me."